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Download the Best Practice guide


Mitigate risk in your supply chain

Discover how a better understanding of your compliance procedures can lead to a more reliable and performance-driven supply chain.



Why is compliance important?5082_Altius_SupplyChainComplianceBestPractice_EbookVisual_BIG.png

Managing logistics, procurement, information security and a myriad of other requirements means compliance is often the last thing you want to be thinking about. Compliance, however, can help you achieve a comprehensive, reliable and performance-driven supply chain.

What will you learn from the guide?

Download the Best Practice Guide and discover how you can:

  • Better assess the capability of new suppliers
  • Improve your management of suppliers to mitigate risk
  • Implement KPIs to improve supplier performance
  • Learn best practice top tips to ensure supply chain integrity 

The three core compliance principles

The Best Practice guide from Altius introduces the three core principles to supply chain compliance best practice, namely, Capability, Management and Monitoring.

If you put these core principles at the centre of your supply chain compliance management, you will have the right building blocks to mitigate the risks associated with supply chain management.


Gary Plant

Gary Plant is Managing Director at Altius and has over 30 years in the supply chain industry.

Effective supply chains offer rich rewards of lower costs, greater efficiency, innovation and improved quality, but they can also bring liability in the form of delays, problems, waste, cost and damage.

By following the three core principles detailed in our guide and using smart technology and processes, organisations can minimise risk and gain better visibility of their  suppliers. This means they can then focus on developing, rather than defending their supply chain.